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Conductor's Notes - Tuesday 16th May

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely start to the weekend? Nice and sunny here in Brum! Weekly updates below, as well as information about solos, so please take a look.

What we did on Tuesday 16th May

We started with the Benedictus from the Mass, learning the melody, countermelody and then Alto part, and building it all up. A couple of note and chord checks in the final section and it was pretty solid. We then looked at Tea for Two, lengthening the opening chords to stabilise the harmony. From here we worked on the rhythms, the blend of the chords, and the great Bass line! Remember to support the top notes Sops. Before the break we looked at the opening of Deep Purple, tuning some of the chords which helps us understand some of the harmony, worked on the chromatic sections on page 64, and a few stylistic points to emphasise the music.

After the break we did some excellent work on When daisies pied from the Birthday Madrigals, really solidifying the rhythms and ensuring the notes of the melody are correct. Some really good work on this, so please don't forget it. We ended with Begin the Beguine, again tuning a few chords, but mainly feeling the relaxed nature of the triplets against the rhythm of the accompaniment.

What we'll do on Tuesday 23rd May

We'll begin with Blue Moon, and then look at Summer time. We'll then spend some time on the Agnus Dei from the Mass, and then In the Mood, before finishing with My true love hath my heart from the Birthday Madrigals.

Please make sure these movements/pieces are marked up by the rehearsal!

Spotify Playlist:

The Spotify Link only includes the Chilcott and the Rutter.

Recordings from 'The Pink Book' have been shared via email as a private link, so hopefully everyone has this now.

Marked Scores:

All the markings you need are here. If you do a little bit at a time you should have them all in by half-term!

newChoir '23 Summer (1)
Download PDF • 164.91MB


There are a couple of solos for this concert, and we'll be doing auditions for them on the 6th June (first week back after half-term). If you'd like to audition for any of them, please let me know on here, via email, or at the rehearsal, and prepare it over half term.

Summer time - Soprano or Tenor

In the Mood - Soprano or Alto

See you on Tuesday 23rd!

- Ben

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