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He's a jolly good 'Fellow'

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Ben has been awarded a fellowship at the NYCGB. Below is an excerpt Ben wrote for their blog. Congratulations Ben!

"I’m delighted to have been selected for the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain Fellowship Scheme. It’s an incredible opportunity to work with some of the most exciting and impressive youth choirs in the country. I look forward to developing my skills and knowledge of choral direction by working with highly regarded musical directors at the top of their game. It’s also a fantastic chance to meet and learn from musicians and musical organisations across the country, and the world, and learn from their seemingly endless specialities.

We had our introductory session in mid-February and were immediately engrossed in the wonderful and welcoming NYCGB community. Across these two days on Zoom, we had an introduction to the organisation, learning about its history and how NYCGB has developed, as well as a chat with the conductors of the different ensembles in the NYCGB family. We also met many of our partner organisations, introducing us to their diverse skills and opportunities, and I look forward to working alongside them in the future.

The most interesting part of the two days was our discussion of repertoire. Along with the other Fellows and Young Composers, we delved into an enormously wide range of music, thinking about NYCGB’s “themes” – Cultural Identity, and Environment. I feel incredibly lucky to have been selected for the Fellowship as it places me among seven other emerging young musicians who all have completely different musical experiences, and working with these astonishing people is the aspect of the Fellowship I’m most excited about."

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