fresh approach


newCHOIR performs a wide repertoire of music from early music to works by 20th and 21st century composers.  The selection of music for each concert typically includes some lesser-known pieces alongside established classics.

We give three public concerts a year and run an annual choral workshop open to non-members. Concert venues include St John the Evangelist Church, Iffley Road (SJE Arts) and various Oxford colleges.



Founded in 2012, newChoir is a medium-sized ensemble, which tackles a wide and often unusual repertoire of secular and sacred music, with and without accompaniment.  


We aim for a high standard of music-making and place an emphasis on constant improvement and development, both individual and collective. We provide excellent musical direction, vocal coaching, and well-planned rehearsals. We limit choir numbers to around 40 to increase individual responsibility and to work on creating a well-blended ‘chamber’ sound.

During rehearsals, our musical director gives us the opportunity to explore different styles and periods of choral music and works on improving our vocal technique, listening skills, ensemble singing, and clear expression.


The aim is to give both singers and audience a fresh and revitalising experience.