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We are always delighted to hear from singers interested in joining the choir who can offer:

  • reasonable sight-reading ability 

  • willingness to work on the music between rehearsals

  • regular rehearsal attendance (normally a minimum of six out of eight evening rehearsals, plus the afternoon rehearsal on concert day)

  • commitment to the choir and its development

We are particularly interested in hearing from tenors and basses but all voice parts will be considered.

Auditions and subscriptions
Auditions take place at the end of a rehearsal, and consist of a range test, a bit of sight singing, and then singing a part of a piece from the repertoire practised that evening. Our musical director listens for tuning, sense of rhythm, vocal timbre, and ability to hold a line.

Membership costs £15 for the year plus a £55 termly fee.  A reduced fee can be applied for in cases of individual need.

'What I have learnt this term:

  • some lovely solo voices in the choir – inspiring for the less courageous

  • the privilege of singing in such a beautiful chapel is inspirational

  • hard work is repaid in seeing Janet radiant and happy – a true professional, she envisages our potential long before we know it ourselves!'

Choir member, November 2019