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Conductor's Notes - 08.03.22

Well, the concert's creeping up on us... it's getting very exciting now! Great work on Tuesday, and I think the Disley-Simpson is in a much, MUCH better place now we've had some sectionals on it.

What we did on Tuesday 08.03.22

Lovely warm up with Why do the Roses. Similarly to Lay a Garland this is in really good shape and we probably won't cover this much now until the concert day. Thank you all for your incredibly hard work on the Disley-Simpson, and to James in particular for running the T/B sectional. When we put it together at the end of the rehearsal I felt like it was in a really good place. We just need to all make sure we count like crazy in it!

What we will do on Tuesday 15.03.22

We'll warm up with Seal Lullaby, before spending most of the rehearsal on the harder movements of the Moeran (3, 4 & 5), and finishing with The Way through the Woods.

This week's listening:

Inspired by Tuesday's International Women's Day, I've been listening to a lot of Italian Baroque composer Barbara Strozzi. I first came across some of her madrigals a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with how exciting and colourful they are. This album in particular is fabulous, so please do listen HERE.


As always the playlist is here.


Keep sharing the poster not only for our concert far and wide, on Social Media and with friends and family, but also that of our friends over at the Cherwell singers!

- Ben

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