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Conductor's Notes - Tuesday 13th June

As always with this time of year, it's been busy busy busy, so thank you for your patience with me in getting these notes out. I've been really pleased with the progress of this term, but I know we can ramp it up into overdrive for this final push before the concert, so thank you for all the work you're putting in at home.

What we did on Tuesday 13th June - (Rehearsal 8/10)

We began with work on When Daisies Pied from the Birthday Madrigals, working on both the rhythm and the notes - basses, remember your lovely 'duplets' against the other rhythmic parts. We did lots of work on the tuning in places too, which was great. After this, we looked at the 4th movement, again working a lot on the tuning.

After, we worked on Summer time beginning on page 137, and then getting the lyricism at the 'poco piu mosso' on page 139. We moved to Deep Purple, blending the chords and bringing out the important moments. And we ended with Tea for Two, solidifying the chords, and the 'instrumental' section on pages 157-159.

What we'll do on Tuesday 20th June - (Rehearsal 9/10)

I'd like to begin by running the Birthday Madrigals, and then work on the Gloria of the Little Jazz Mass. After the break we'll work on the ending of Autumn Leaves, Over the Rainbow, and In the Mood, and if we have time we'll look at Blue Moon to finish.

A lot still to cover and to tie up the loose ends, so please do make sure you're putting in the practice at home. One piece a day will make Night and Day difference!... Couldn't help myself...

Spotify Playlist:

The Spotify Link only includes the Chilcott and the Rutter.

Recordings from 'The Pink Book' have been shared via email as a private link, so hopefully everyone has this now.

Marked Scores:

If you see someone without these markings in your score, you have permission to gently remind them with a firm prod to get them in now!

newChoir '23 Summer (1)
Download PDF • 164.91MB


We've now got our own poster, so share it far and wide, and also support our friends at the Cherwell Singers for their forthcoming concert.

Suggested Listening

In his memoirs, Nicolai Malko says that he jokingly suggested to Shostakovich that he should orchestrate "Tea for Two" and proposed a bet:

"If you, Mitenka, are as brilliant as they all say, then please go into the next room, write that song down from memory, orchestrate it, and I will play it. I will give you an hour to do this."

Shostakovich completed his task in forty-five minutes, thereby winning the bet.

The piece Tahiti Trot was born. Listen to it HERE.

See you on Tuesday 20th!

- Ben

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