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Conductor's Notes - 15.02.22

I hope you're all managing to stay safe and well in this nasty storm. We've not been too badly affected here in Brum, just a few branches across the roads!

I'm really pleased with how it's all coming together. The Moeran is still very tricky, so please do look at your parts at home, and I felt that on Tuesday we really started to nail the style of the Disley-Simpson!

What we did on Tuesday 15.02.22

The Shearing Movement 4 was excellent - I feel happy to leave that for a few weeks now. Well done in picking up the style for the Disley-Simpson. I cannot recommend enough listening to the Spotify playlist at the bottom, as familiarising yourselves with the sound-worlds will be invaluable. The Moeran is really coming along, despite its challenging harmonies - just keep plugging away at this over half-term.

What we will do on Tuesday 22.02.22

Nothing! It's half term, so no rehearsal next week, but please do stay on top of the music at home, and keep an eye out on here for when I post the next round of Conductor's Notes for what we'll be doing on the 1st March!

This week's listening:

Is my final shameless plug to watch the NYCGB Showcase 2022. It was such a pleasure to record this at the Voces8 Centre, and it really highlights all of the incredible work the organisation does. Furthermore, you'll be able to hear Anna talk about The Way Through the Woods, and hear the other piece she wrote for us. The link is HERE.


As always the playlist is here. Do please keep listening over the half-term!


The poster is up on the Website and the Social Media pages - share far and wide!

Have a lovely week off.

- Ben

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