Conductor's Notes - 22.02.22

Well didn't half term go quickly?! I hope you all had a relaxing week off, but still put in a few hours of practice. I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone on the 1st March.

What we did on Tuesday 22.02.22

Nothing! But, I hope you've all been looking at the music, listening to the playlist, and practicing, especially the harder pieces.

What we will do on Tuesday 01.03.22

Lots to cover this week. We'll warm up with Lay a Garland, then move on to Movements 1 & 3 of the Songs and Sonnets, before covering The Way Through the Woods. In the second half we'll spend lots of time on Moeran Movements 6 & 7.

Lots to cover this evening, so I look forward to seeing you all there.

This week's listening:

Is is just the playlist below. Keep listening to and learning the Moeran.


As always the playlist is here.


Keep sharing the poster for the concert far and wide, on Social Media and with friends and family.

- Ben

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