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Conductor's Notes - First one of term

Goodness, I'm so sorry it's taken so long to post my first Conductor's Notes of this term! It's been a brilliant start to the term, and we've already made some excellent progress on the music. I will be trying to keep these posts regular and weekly, but apologies if I miss one or two. Hopefully all the information posted will be useful.

How's the term been going:

We've already covered all of the music, most in lots of detail. The Legrenzi, which is new to everyone, has been going wonderfully - we've done lots of good work on all of the sections, and we'll work on consolidating it all in the forthcoming rehearsals. We looked at the Bach last week and that was really nicely done, so we won't cover that much until the final rehearsal (along with the Tallis). You made a good start with the Buxtehude, Purcell, and both Monteverdi pieces, and we'll be doing a lot more detail on those to come.

What we will do on Tuesday 17.05.22:

We'll be "warming up" with Palestrina's Sicut Cervus, before doing some detailed work on Byrd's Ave Verum Corpus, and Mundy's O Lord.

In the second half we'll be doing some detailed work on the Buxtehude and Purcell.


The playlist for this term is HERE. I hope it's helpful in learning the repertoire for the term.

Auditions for Buxtehude:

I've had a few emails from people wanting to audition for the Buxtehude solos, many of whom can't make the rehearsal on the 17th May. If you would like to audition, we will be doing auditions after the rehearsals on both the 17th and 24th May, so please do let me know, so James and I know to expect you.

Remaining rehearsals:

Just a brief reminder of the remaining rehearsals this term:

Tuesday 17th May - Rehearsal 5

Tuesday 24th May - Rehearsal 6

Tuesday 31st May - Half Term, no rehearsal

Tuesday 7th June - Rehearsal 7

Tuesday 14th June - Rehearsal 8

Tuesday 21st June - Rehearsal 9

Saturday 25th June - Concert (14:00-17:00 rehearsal, 19:30 concert)

Marked Score:

will be ready in a few days...

See you all on Tuesday.

- Ben

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