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Conductor's Notes - Before Half Term

Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a good term, and are looking forward to the half-term break next week; let's hope for some good weather!

I'm really pleased with the progress of this term so far, and last week we breached the halfway point, having had 5 of the 9 rehearsals.

What we did on Tuesday 17.05.22:

Some really good work on the shaping an musicality of Palestrina's Sicut Cervus started us off well in the rehearsal. We continued this excellent phrasing in the Byrd and the Mundy, growing in confidence not only with the notes but with where the music takes us, and how to get the best performance from the pieces.

More good progress on the Purcell this week too. As this (along with the Legrenzi, Buxtehude and Monteverdi) are the hardest in the programme, I'm sure you'll all do some good personal practice on these over the half-term break, and we'll polish these up in sectionals the week after.

What we will do on Tuesday 24.05.22:

Let's consolidate all of the hardest bits of music before we take our break. We'll have a short but thorough warm-up, before doing Beatus Vir, Salve Regina, Purcell, and Magnificat for the rest of the session. Lots to get through, but we'll do brilliantly I'm sure.


The playlist for this term is HERE. I hope it's helpful in learning the repertoire for the term.

Auditions for Buxtehude:

I'm expecting a couple of people to audition for the Buxtehude again this week. We're especially in need of Altos, Tenors, and Basses to audition for the solo passages.

Marked Scores:

Obviously I don't expect the markings to be in for tonight's rehearsal. Instead, I'm giving you a whole 2 weeks(!) to get them in, for our rehearsal on the 7th June - you have all of half term!

Marked Scores
Download PDF • 222.31MB

See you all on the 24th.

- Ben

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