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Keyword - Joy!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Joy was the keyword at our recent concert - and a joyous experience it was.

A varied programme with significant challenges, alongside straightforward and accessible works, meant there was a change of pace every couple of numbers. This put us on our mettle. Philip Moore's Jubilate Deo and Gerald Finzi's My Spirit Sang All Day were highlights.

As our music director, Janet Lincé, put it: "... your singing was full of vitality, commitment and ‘JOY’."

For the spirituals we adopted a mixed-up formation. This significantly changes the way the choral sound blends and carries to the audience. It's also great for building individual confidence (and something we often do in rehearsal as well). 

Our next date is 12 January - our workshop: "Sing the Words, Paint the Music". Essential skills for singers who want to improve and push their boundaries. Click for more info and to register. See you there! #joy #oxford #choral #concerts #oxfordchoir #newchoir

Singing joyfully! 1 December 2018

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