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Conductor's Notes - 08.02.22

Good evening from our new house! Sorry to have delayed posting these notes, we've had a very hectic week of moving and sorting life out - such fun!

I was really pleased with Tuesday's rehearsal, and I'm very grateful for all of your hard work. Just at the start of these notes, can I just remind you to listen to the playlist to help familiarise yourselves with some of the harder music.

What we did on Tuesday 08.02.22

Fantastic work on Shearing Movement 2 - I feel as though this is in a very secure place already. Also great work on the Moeran Movement 1 and Movement 3. These are not easy songs, so to have made such a good start to two of the hardest movements is brilliant! It was good to sing through the bits of the Disley-Simpson, and I'm pleased that the confidence is growing with the style and the notes. Keep listening to the Moeran and the Disley-Simpson!

What we will do on Tuesday 15.02.22

Shearing: Movement 4. Not a hard movement, but it'll be good to secure the pitches and the style of the song.

Disley-Simpson: Building up the riffs and then introducing the melody.

Moeran: Movements 4 & 5, working on harmony and rhythm, before building up tempo and thinking about the style of the movements.

This week's listening:

is actually a watching event! It's our final 2022 Showcase Event as part of the Fellowship with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, which we recorded last weekend. It's on Tuesday 15th at 18:30 - I know you may be travelling to the rehearsal, but if you sign up for your free(!) ticket you should be able to watch it at a later date. Link is here.


And, for your convenience the playlist is here.

See you all on the 15th.

- Ben

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