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Conductor's Notes - 15.03.22

Great work this evening, I'm so pleased with how it's sounding, especially with our depleted numbers. It's going to be a very exciting concert, and I can't believe how quickly it's come around.

What we did on Tuesday 15.03.22

Well remembered with the Whitacre. I now don't want to do this again until concert day, so please keep it fresh in your minds at home. Excellent progress with the Moeran. You've put so much hard work into it, so it'll be brilliant. And finally, well remembered in the Disley-Simpson - just a small reminder to COUNT!! Haha!

What we will do on Tuesday 22.03.22

In our final rehearsal before the concert, we'll be running the Shearing, Moeran, and Disley-Simpson, so please, please make sure you come with those fresh in the mind.

This week's listening:

Another piece inspired by the spring - Gershwin's Sing of Spring. A delightful little piece, I hope you all enjoy.

Listen HERE.


As always the playlist is here.


A shameless plug for another concert I'm conducting - the Chipping Norton Choral Society's concert on April 2nd. We're doing an incredibly exciting programme of Puccini and Verdi, and it's not one to miss!

- Ben

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