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Conductor's Notes - Tuesday 15th November

I hope you've all had a great start to the weekend and looking forward to the week ahead. Some great progress this term, and more to go.

What we did on Tuesday 15th November

A great recap of the hard work we've been doing on Advent Moon - beginning to bar 47. Then we broke off for sectionals, working on the opening of the Fantasia on Christmas Carols. After the break we did from letter R, with S/A doing brilliant work with me, and I also heard great results with T/B from James. We finished altogether by putting the opening and letter Aa together, solidifying what we did in sectionals.

What we'll do on Tuesday 22nd November

I'd like to start off in 'mixed formation' with A spotless Rose. We'll then head to sectionals again: I'll be with the T/B in the Kitchen, and James will be with S/A in the main church. We'll work on the end of Advent Moon, from bar 49 to the end. After the break we'll stay in sectionals to do See amid the winter's snow. To end the rehearsal we'll come back together in 'normal formation' to run both Advent Moon and See amid the winter's snow.

Marked Scores

Last chance to get these in; don't let the team down!

newChoir Christmas '22
Download PDF • 20.79MB

Spotify Playlist

The Spotify Playlist, as always is HERE. I hope it all helps.


Keep sharing this wonderful poster digitally far and wide, and pick up posters and fliers on Tuesday to place anywhere and everywhere!

Suggested Listening

I've been busy planning programmes for all of my ensembles for the next year, including the orchestra I work with. I wanted to share with you the charming Wand of Youth Suites by Edward Elgar, specifically, the first movement of the first suite. As a boy, Elgar composed some tunes for a family play, and four decades later (in 1907) arranged and orchestrated them into the Wand of Youth Suites.

You can hear it HERE.

Thanks everyone, and see you on the 22nd.

- Ben

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