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Conductor's Notes - Tuesday 9th May

Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend just gone, and have had a good start to the week. We're making really good progress on a lot of this music, so keep the energy up and please look ahead at home, including ensuring the markings are in your copies.

What we did on Tuesday 9th May

We began with the slow section of the Gloria (beginning bar 89), looking at the rhythms and melodic lines here, and just checking a few chords such as in bars 101, 111, and 112. We then did a bit of work on the recapitulation in bar 118, which is almost identical to the opening and what we covered last week, but worked a little bit on the differences (bars 131-135, and the very end). After this, we did the Sanctus, which needs little work going forwards as it was very good - just make sure the markings are in so we know where to put consonants!

After this we recapped the Come live with me from the Birthday Madrigals, singing it through, and then working on some of the trickier sections. These included the 'graceful' "Fa la la"s before Letter C (like dainty little birds, Tenors and Basses); the great countermelody in the Tenors at Letter C; all of the rhythmic stuff at Letter D, contrasting that nicely with the Tenor melody; and finally the Soprano and Tenor duet at Letter E, keeping the Sop melody really smooth and luscious, and the Tenors nice and bouncy.

Then we looked at Somewhere over the rainbow, reminding ourselves of the beginning, before working on the lyricism of the main theme. Again, please put the markings in so we know where to take breaths. Some really excellent detailed work on this, focussing on the inner moving parts, the styles of the 'lighter' sections, and the overall arc of the music. We finished with the opening of In the Mood, tightening up some of the rhythms, and laying the groundwork for the solo section.

What we'll do on Tuesday 16th May

We'll start with the Benedictus from the mass, then look at Tea for Two and Deep Purple. After the break we'll work on When daisies pied from the Birthday Madrigals, and end with Begin the Beguine.

Please make sure the markings for these pieces are in your copies. It helps SO much!

Spotify Playlist:

The Spotify Link only includes the Chilcott and the Rutter.

Music from 'The Pink Book' has been shared via email as a private link, so hopefully everyone has this now.

Marked Scores:

All the markings you need are here. If you do a little bit at a time you should have them all in by half-term!

newChoir '23 Summer (1)
Download PDF • 164.91MB


We'll be joined on the 16th by Cathy, who'll be taking photos of the rehearsal so we can update the website and publicity material. No need to wear anything special, it's just a heads-up so you're all aware.

See you on Tuesday 16th!

- Ben

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