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Painting the music!

Our open workshop, “Sing the Words, Paint the Music”, on the second Saturday of

January was an exhilarating musical launch into 2019. Here are just a few of the

many very positive comments we received from participants:

“Incredibly well-structured… a very clear narrative to the

session, thinking about vowels and consonants, meaning

and colour. The pieces used as exemplars were similarly

well chosen… The best three hours of singing I've spent in

the last year, bravo!”

one of the pieces we studied at the workshop
'O Radiant Dawn' by James MacMillan, one of the pieces we studied at the workshop

“I loved the entire workshop… Janet's instruction was

fantastic… I learned how to adapt my voice and

pronunciation to get the desired effect, which seemed (to

me) to create a beautiful ensemble.”

“Really interesting to focus on a proper warm-up and

understand articulation. It was well timed and the break

was good. Gorgeous music and interesting, interested

friendly people attending.”

“Clear organisation and instructions; music ready and

available; interesting selection of music; well-paced and

planned workshop, with Janet giving us the benefit of her

buckets of experience; being able to sense improvement

and refinement with each pass through a musical phrase.”

There were many helpful suggestions for future workshop

themes, too. We’ll keep you posted!

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