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Pasta or composer....?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

What fun we had sharpening our brains with Ben Goodall's clever quiz. We all came away with respectable scores and no cheating!

Ben demonstrated some excellent zoom skills and calmed everyone’s nerves!

The quiz was in four rounds with 10 questions in each:

  1. dingbats

  2. musicals

  3. classical music

  4. pasta or composer

Round One

Round one was great fun, waking us up, sharpening our minds, with a little lateral thinking to reach the answer – a total switch off, helping us forget any troubles of the day in a few minutes!

Round Two

In round two Ben subtly recommended lots of good musicals to catch up on in lockdown. There was much hilarity when people forgot to mute giving everyone 100% for at least one question!

Round Three ( double points! )

By round three there was a little wine flowing in certain households, which either helped or hindered, depending on your viewpoint. It’s so annoying when you can’t attach the composer to a familiar piece, and even more annoying if we have recently just sung the piece as a choir! Musically very enjoyable, this round left everyone wanting to listen to the whole of Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no2, not simply the 40 second excerpt given and there was a bit of humming along....

Round Four

Round four allowed us all to relax and caused much laughter when we had to decide whether an italian word was a form of pasta or a composer! I left wanting to try a bowl of delicious Campagnoli listening to a piece of Strigozzi ..... or was it the other way round??

In conclusion

The quiz was pitched at just the right level, not intimidating but an excellent challenge, so no pressure – just gentle good fun and camaraderie, reminding all of us just how much we enjoy our music and meeting up together.

Thankyou to Ben for inspired questions and to all-comers brave enough to play.

Many congratulations to Martyn Wilson, a worthy winner with the impressive score of 47 out of 51!

Judy Graham

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