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Reflections on singing with newCHOIR

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Written by one of our choir members...

What I have learnt this term: • Some outstanding, spiritually moving music. • How to put my music in my folder without it falling out. • Camaraderie! • There were not too many pieces after all! • Some lovely solo voices in the choir – inspiring for the less courageous. • Having an audience of a few family and friends makes it all the more fun. • Pay your fees before the concert! (sorry) • I can actually sing an A! • In Oxford when it rains, it rains – our concerts are becoming renowned for extremes of

weather. • Words and music can embrace. • The privilege of singing in such a beautiful chapel is inspirational. • The young professionals are on their way! • There’s a shared joy in amalgamating parts to form a whole. • Hard work is repaid in seeing Janet radiant and happy – a true professional, she

envisages our potential long before we know it ourselves! • Look forward to our workshop.

Do join us on 25 January 2020 for our workshop 'Breathe the melody', led by Janet Lincé. To register your place, please use the link below:

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